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WELCOA Website Redesign

WELCOA is the national leader in workplace and corporate wellness programs headquartered in Omaha, NE.

Project Goals

As part of the website redesign, WELCOA’s goals were to:

  1. Increase membership
  2. Sell additional print materials on their website
  3. Ensure WELCOA members understand the benefits of their membership and can quickly access over 230 resources to provide the best value and increase customer retention
  4. Increase attendance at the annual summit event

KOVUS Services

22 Research Interviews
Working Prototype of New Site
11 user Testing Sessions
Proposed site redesign


Expedited Project Timeline

WELCOA needed to have the website redesign completed in time for their annual summit event, therefore KOVUS had only 4 weeks to conduct all necessary research interviews and complete the project. This was a significant challenge, but we used additional members of the KOVUS team to complete the work and provide a quality final report within the expedited timeline.


WELCOA has a very specific customer base. Wellness practitioners are often part of a small teams of only 1 or 2 people, even in large organizations. Connecting with potential customers for the research interviews was extremely difficult, but KOVUS used a variety of tactics including emails, phone calls, LinkedIn connections, drop ins, and A LOT of hustle to recruit, schedule, conduct, analyze, and summarize all the interviews.

Content, content, & more content

WELCOA offers over 230 products and services, most of which are available on their website. KOVUS was hired to improve the organization of these products and services and it took several rounds of navigation changes and user testing sessions to get it just right.

In the Details

22 Research Interviews

To address the goals of the study, KOVUS developed a custom research approach for WELCOA that involved 11 exploratory research interviews with existing customers and 11 exploratory research interview with potential customers. A wide variety of interview personas were included as part of the study to get a broad spectrum of feedback. Members were segmented by age, organization size, whether wellness was a full-time activity or part of broader responsibilities in their job.

KOVUS collaborated with the internal WELCOA User Experience and Design team to teach them the KOVUS method to conduct user research. Having WELCOA involved in the research process was was valuable in conducting additional user interviews and also to have the internal team engaged and seeing the issues first-hand. KOVUS really enjoyed working with the WELCOA team.

Working Prototype

Based on the first round of research interviews, KOVUS collaborated with WELCOA’s branding company, Secret Penguin, to use Secret Penguins’s static designs to create a working prototype with the new design layout, navigation, and content to test with wellness practitioners.


The content on the homepage was focused to drive memberships and reduce confusion. Homepage links were reduced from 120 links to 36 links and a clear call to action was included.

The research revealed that the most valued aspect of a WELCOA membership was their training programs; however the word training was not included on the original or the re-designed homepage. After the study, training was highlighted as the primary benefit and included in top level navigation to highlight this core benefit.

During research with potential members it was discovered that pricing was a compelling selling point since the membership price was lower than most users expected and KOVUS worked with Secret Penguin to incorporate pricing into the design. Users reacted positively to the new design that included pricing and felt that it was compelling and transparent.

Recommendations were made regarding the interior navigation structure of the website to improve the consistency and usability of the site and to make it easier for customers to find the resources they were searching for.

KOVUS recommended two different strategies for the information architecture of the website, in addition to creating starter packages for potential individual customers, making the onboarding process easier and the number of available products less overwhelming.


"WELCOA’s experience working with KOVUS was phenomenal, and we couldn’t be more happy with the results from the research. It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of the KOVUS team."
Graden Hudson, Director of UX

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